Get the best marketing mileage in this difficult economy.

Lease a Marketing Director.

Now you can access the marketing expertise you need without the expense and commitment of hiring a full-time employee.

Every business needs a solid marketing program to grow. But experienced C-level Marketing Directors are expensive, making it difficult for emerging businesses to hire the professional marketing firepower they require.

That’s where I can help. I’m an experienced, independent Marketing Director, providing seasoned marketing analysis, planning, and on-going implementation for smaller and mid-sized clients on a contract basis. That means you needn’t hire an expensive full-time Marketing Director to obtain qualified marketing skills. Instead, you can buy as much of me as you need –– and ONLY what you need –– to bring your marketing program up to maximum effectiveness.

My program is a perfect fit for emerging companies that need access to marketing expertise, but can’t justify a full-time senior staff person. I’m equipped to step in as a contractor and assume responsibility for making the right marketing things happen in your business.

When you retain me as your contract Marketing Director, your business will benefit from a solid, comprehensive marketing strategy, coupled with an organized program for implementing that strategy. This fosters greater market visibility and differentiation, which drives new levels of sales and profitability while enhancing your brand equity.

This is an innovative, yet practical approach to securing the marketing leadership you need at a reasonable price. For more information on the structure of this program, review this website, call me at 949.233.6995, or email me at

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